Cleaning Services

Mike’s Cleaning has been providing excellent cleaning services in Ventura, CA. They have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners. The main goal is offering cleaning services in your premises to create suitable conditions that surpass their personal standards of clean, but also exceed your expectations. On their end they can promise professionalism, high quality cleaning services and flexibility to suit your busy schedule.

They are a locally owned cleaning company providing commercial cleaning services to small and large businesses. They pride themselves in providing quality, professional services at competitive prices.

They have an extensive list of services and specialties to help you maintain your facilities in top condition. With the combination of expert cleaners, quality equipment and reliable customer service means they can provide a solution for all your facility management needs.

They train their cleaners to always be on time, they are reliable and consistent and provide you with great service. With a large team of dedicated staff; they won’t be sending one person – but multiple staff over the course of the cleaning period to make sure you get the best house cleaning in Ventura County.

What are the Services Available?

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets require extra clean up ensuring any concern each visitor at your place may have. With all types of cleaning facilities from floor to wall and including bacterial treatment cleaning that ideally facilities a healthy environment. They also provide contractual cleaning services that operate on a daily basis so that your space remains clean and tidy every day and displays a clean and clear image to all visitors. Carpets in the hall or bedroom should always be neat, clean and tidy to add more happiness while watching a movie or play. To make this possible the Ventura cleaning services offer clean up benefits for cleaning all types of carpets so that you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about anything.

House Cleaning Services

Housekeeping is a vital part for your workplace to remain healthy and safe. With failure to effectively clean and disinfect, bacteria, mild and viruses can accumulate, leading to illness and injury. We truly understand the value of good house cleaning services that will reduce the potential for illness and diseases, while also protecting your equipment. Housekeeping should be “maintained” not “achieved.” Cleaning and organization must be done regularly, not just at the end of the shift. A good housekeeping service identifies and assigns responsibilities and duties such as: clean up during the shift, day-to-day clean up, waste disposal, removal of unused material, inspection to ensure the clean-up is complete.

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services in Ventura is now easy to get. No matter if you would like cleaning service for your house, small shop or large office, we got it covered. One thing you must always be sure about is that your surroundings are clean and tidy. When your windows are clean with perfectly arranged curtains this creates the first positive impression on all your guests. Their team of experts will make sure that from the window’s glass to the extra designer lines on your curtains, everything is perfectly cleaned. From taking care of windows to carpet cleaning services in Ventura, CA we do it and manage it for you with the consistency and hard work of our team. All these services are available to you; feel free to connect with us for getting the best cleaning services.